reMAC | Regenerative Energy for Metropolitan Areas and Cities

Why choose Planning for Energy
and reMAC

A high level of metropolitan renewable energy self-sufficiency can bring the benefits of Security of energy supply, Price stability and Improved competitiveness.

The investment required in energy saving and renewable energy generation can pay for itself in the medium term.

After this, lower energy costs give greater spending and investment power to metropolitan areas Largely decarbonised metropolitan areas will cease to be the main sources of European greenhouse gas emissions.

The process of retro-fitting the urban fabric of metropolitan areas to become energy efficient in an era of rising carbon fuel costs will create skilled employment, the need for such programmes is recognised and well known. What is not properly appreciated is the potential for urban areas to generate renewable energy on a scale that could largely meet the lower energy demand from energy efficient buildings.

The use of reMAC allows metropolitan planners to:

  • Demonstrate this potential
  • Specify the investment needed
  • Illustrate the financial implications

Planning for Energy presents the case for a Planning for Energy approach at the metropolitan level and looks to a high level of renewable energy self sufficiency as its goal. reMAC enables planners to carry out the assessments required to substantiate such an approach in terms of energy demand and supply and financial costs and benefits.

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